About Us

As a rising and a dynamic animal feed raw materials supplier and importer, UNP was founded in Oman to deliver high quality, nutritionally balanced animal feed solutions that optimize animal health, growth and productivity. With a commitment to sustainable practices and animal welfare. We promote the supply all types of animal feed to manufacturers,wholesalers and traders.

We strive to revolutionise the agricultural industry by providing cutting edge feed products. At UNP , we understand the pivotal role SMEs play in maintaining a nourished economy. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to providing an extensive selection of high quality animal feed at competitive prices to meet the unique demands of the industry we serve.

As part of the prestigious Riyada companies, UNP stands tall as a prime example of the Omani spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. We take immense pride in being rooted in our nation’s values and traditions while embracing an inventive approach. With an emphasis on empowering the local workforce, our dedicated team of skilled Omani professionals is at the heart of our journey towards continued success and future prominence.